These are discontinued. This page is left up as a reference.

This shield features 24, 5V bi-directional connections to the Mojo. They are broken out on the typical servo style headers (power, ground, signal). You can use this shield to control tons of servos or to connect other 5V devices. Since the pins are bi-directional you can connect 5V sensors.

The IO pins that this board uses to are colored in white on the board. 

Please note that when using this shield the Mojo should be powered with 5V.

Also, the MAX3002 chips have an enable pin which must be pulled high to enable the outputs.

The 5V<->3.3V logic translators also do not have a strong drive strength and should only be used with digital devices.


  • MAX3002 Level Shifters
  • 24 5V Level IO pins (broken out on servo style headers)
  • All headers are gold plated 
  • Each pin can supply up to 20µA
  • 5.5V maximum supply voltage

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SKU: servo-shield