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This board features seven microphones, six evenly spaced in a ring with one in the middle, allowing you to implement interesting algorithms. This shield was originally designed as part of a research project that used the microphone array to detect the direction of different sounds. The sound locating project can now be found in our book and the FPGA project is on GitHub.

The shield also has 16 LEDs positioned in a ring which are useful in debugging by giving a visual representation of where sound is coming from. These LEDs use the same 8 pins as the LEDs on the Mojo and can not be used independently. They are multiplexed in four groups of four.

This shield is intended to be on the top of any stack. Because of this, it does not have stackable headers (male pins on the bottom only).


  • 7 SPK0415HM4H-B-7 Microphones
  • 16 LEDs in a ring

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