These are discontinued. This page is left up as a reference.

When you aren't playing with the Mojo you can use it as a clock with the example project! To set the time hold the Select button until the hour flashes. Use Up and Down to adjust the hour. Press Select again to edit the minutes. Once you are done press Select to set the time. The RTC is battery backed and it will keep the time even if you unplug your clock! Just remember to remove the paper blocking the battery. 

If you press the Select button it will change modes from being a clock into an audio visualizer! This mode is you classic visualizer with the colors varying from green to red with volume.

The next mode is the same as the previous one with one exception. The colors of the LEDs will fade through the rainbow while still doing the audio visualization.

The last mode is Rainbow Mode! This mode just displays an animated rainbow pattern on the display. It's the same patter as the visualizer before but the entire display is lit.

This shield features

  • 2 - 8x8 RGB LED Matricies with diffused lenses.
  • 3 - Push buttons
  • DS3234 RTC (Real-Time Clock) with 256 bytes of battery backed SRAM
  • 12mm coin cell battery to backup the RTC
  • Buzzer
  • TEMT6000 Light sensor
  • ADMP421 Microphone

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