This shield allows you to easily take pictures with your Mojo. While you can stream the images directly through the FPGA, if you want to store an entire image you will also need the SDRAM Shield.

This shield was designed to be used with the OV2640. This is a basic 2MP (1600 x 1200) camera module that is capable of shooting 15FPS at full resolution and up to 60FPS at a resolution of 400 x 296. While this is quite a nice camera for its price, Omnivision, like most camera manufactures, keeps tight reigns on their datasheets (I really don't know why). This means we can't directly post them, but we will be posting some example initializations for getting the camera to send out data in various resolutions and frames rates. If you want to dig into the datasheet yourself, contact Omnivision here.

This is the same module we used in our hexapod demo! Check out that demo to see how we interfaced with the camera.

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