Welcome to the Verilog tutorials page! This page has all the information you need to get started using the Mojo with Verilog.

If you are a beginner, we recommend following the Lucid tutorials instead. Lucid is a language we developed to make working with FPGAs easier. We believe this is the best place for a beginner to start.

Initial Setup

These tutorials walk you through setting up the required software.

ISE is the tool provided by Xilinx, the guys who make the FPGA on the Mojo. It is responsible for building your projects.

The Mojo Loader is a simple tool we provide for loading the .bin files generated from ISE onto your Mojo.

Helpful Background

These tutorials may or may not be necessary based on your background. These are more conceptual tutorials and don't require any hardware to follow.

Beginner Tutorials

These tutorials should be followed in order. Each one relies heavily on the information learned in the tutorials before it.

Intermediate Tutorials

These tutorials teach you some particular technique or component but don't necessarily build off each other. Feel free to pick and choose from these.