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The Alchitry Au is our most powerful FPGA development board to date! It features a Xilinx Atrix 7 FPGA which is supported by Xilinx's latest tools. 

  • Artix 7 XC7A35T-1C - 33,280 logic cells (approx. 4x the capacity of the Mojo)
  • 256MB DDR3 RAM
  • 102 IO pins (3.3V logic level, 20 of then can be switched to 1.8V for LVDS)
  • 9 differential analog inputs (1 dedicated, 8 mixed with digital IO)
  • USB C to configure and power the board
  • 8 general purpose LEDs
  • 1 button (typically used as a reset)
  • 100 MHz on-board clock (can be multiplied internally by the FPGA)
  • Powered with 5V through USB C port, 0.1" holes, or headers
  • USB to serial interface for data transfer (up to 12Mbaud)
  • Dimensions of 65mm x 45mm
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