This is the perfect add-on board for getting your feet wet with FPGAs. With plenty of LEDs, buttons, and switches, you can experiment to your heart’s content.


Features At A Glance

7-Segment Display

The Io has four seven segment LED digits that are multiplexed. Learning to use these if a great stepping stone to more complex projects.


There is a total of 24 LEDs in three groups of 8. Each one is directly connected to its own IO pin on the FPGA making outputting signals super easy.

DIP Switches

The Io has three 8-pack DIP switches for a total of 24 switches. These are all also connected to their own IO pin on the FPGA making inputting values as simple as flipping a switch.


There are five buttons arranged in a standard directional pad style.


Because you need access to the top of this board, other boards can’t be stacked on top of it.