Send all the data! This element features a FT600 USB 3.0 bridge that adds up to 200MB/s (that is bytes not bits!) of bandwidth from your FPGA to a computer.


Features At A Glance


The Ft has extra circuitry to handle the reversible nature of the USB C port. It detects the orientation of the cable and routes the signals to the FT600 correctly.


The FT600 from FTDI is capable of 200MB/s of throughput. This is shared for both directions meaning you can get 200MB/s in one direction or any split between transmitting and receiving. The actual maximum rate will be slightly under 200MB/s due to some overhead in reading buffer states. We were able to easily achieve 190+MB/s.


This board has surface mount connectors on both sides with the signals passed through allowing you to stack another element on top.