Production Update

Production Update

Justin Rajewski

Update: Everything is in stock!

Production on the new Alchitry boards is underway! This week we finished up the first batch of Io Elements. Our new pick and place machine is humming along. The reset of this week we are setting everything up for the first Cu batch.

From December 19th through the 26th we will be closed for the holidays. After this, we will start cranking out the Cu and Au.

We expect to have everything in stock and start shipping orders early January.

Thank you everyone who has preordered for your patience! The new assembly setup we have will allow us to create more Elements in a shorter amount of time than we did with the Mojo Shields. If you have any particular ones you would like to see shoot us an email letting us know!

Our current short list include an adapter to the Mojo platform, HDMI, high-speed ADC/DAC, IMU, and a camera input.